Personal Information

Dr. Gary Smith, DC


Education & Training

  • Medical Education: :
    Doctor of Chiropractor
  • Experience :
    Serving Patients Since 1985
  • Certifications: :
    Certified Chiropractic Neurologist

Dedicated to Patient Health

Dr. Gary Smith, DC

Dr. Smith believes that true healing should be prioritized over symptom management in healthcare. He also believes this care can be less invasive and expensive than current care. For Dr. Smith, the goal is to assist the body in healing itself, and he believes we should only use methods with high risk and side effects as a last resort. 

Work Experience & Skills

Chiropractic Care 98%
Neurology and Nervous System Specialist 95%
Diagnostics 98%
Diabetes Support 92%


  • Former Treating Doctor for the World’s Triathletes at the World Cup Ironman Competition.
  • Co-author of “The World’s Best Kept Health Secrets Revealed” 
  • Completed courses in Non-Drug Methods of Supporting Nervous System Regeneration
  • Completed a 3-Year, 300-Hour Course in Physical Rehabilitation
  • Missionary Work in Appalachia

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Smith is a certified chiropractic neurologist who knows the craft’s ins and outs.

Alternative Healthcare Provider

Dr. Smith began his practice in 1985. In that time, he estimates he has seen over 20,000 patients. Unfortunately, people are frequently not referred to alternative healthcare, which provides patients with an optional choice to medication for disease management.


Dr. Smith also offers testing for peripheral artery disease, small fiber neuropathy, ENFD, peripheral neuropathy, pain treatments including Active Release Technique (ART), and massage.